trunks, cases & baskets

In all shapes and sizes we have a wonderful variety of picnic hampers, baskets and cases.  All of our cases and trunks are vintage and we will soon have some wedding specific cases perfect for cards and display...if you are after something you can personalise for your event just drop us an email and we can help you create something special.



Vintage trunks of different styles & materials...

£7.50 each

Medium Cases

A quantity of classic vintage brown cases...

£3.50 each


Small Cases

Vintage small cases perfect for table top display...

£2.50 each

Large Wicker Laundry Basket

Wonderful looking wicker basket makes a real statement...

£6.00 each


Picnic Baskets & Hampers

Classic looking hampers in a selection of sizes...

£2.00 each

Wicker Baskets

Collection of baskets perfect for display & as props...

£2.00 each