candelabras & holders

Sourcing, cleaning and shining our candle holders takes time and we are always adding to our collection, so if you are looking for a different style or size just let us know, we could have what you are looking for.

Candelabras and candleholders either with or without candles is a fantastic way not only to create the perfect atmosphere but to compliment the style and decor of the room.  Flowers are a fantastic and beautiful alternative to candles weaved around the arms, cascading onto the table.


3 Arm Candelabras

These candelabras are vintage, silver plate & full of character...

£2.00 each

5 Arm Candelabras

Creating a statement whilst looking elegant on any table...

£10.00 each


Silver Candlesticks/Holders

Candlesticks to add a sense of sophistication...

£1 - £2.00 each

Brass Candlesticks/Holders

Brass holders which add authenticity with style to any setting...

£1 - £2.00 each


Wooden Candlesticks

Tall solid candlesticks to make a bold impression on any set or display...

£2.00 each

Glass Candle/Tealight Holders

Simple & modern glass holders suitable for any display…

£0.20 each


Glass Tealight Lanterns   

Set of beautiful hanging vintage tea light holders...

£5.00 for set

Cream Candle/Tealight Holders

Perfect wedding additions to use on welcome and guest book tables... 

£2.00 each


Hanging Tealight Holders   

Use with wax or battery tealights to create a magical feel…

£0.30 each