Scrap Fabric Rosettes - Crafty Recycling

Today I want to share with you something I have been doing with my tiny scrap fabric strips.  It is a little fiddly but instead of just throwing away my scraps, or hoarding them away, I have been twist and rolling them and then pinning them.  

I'll be uploading some photos of finished scrap fabric rosettes and different uses for them in the coming weeks so keep remember to check back with us...

Love xx 

These are ready to have a few stitches through them and glued onto small felt circles (good use for scrap felt I have too!).  I use a small amount of fabric glue as I find it doesn't leave a hard lump of glue like hot glue and it means I won't burn my fingers and they can be washed if needed.

It is something that can done in the evening whilst watching TV or whilst the children are playing in the garden.  Whilst waiting to adorn a cute little head band (another use for larger scrap pieces) or summer dress for my little girl I think they look pretty on the shelf in a recycled jar too.