Putting on a doo...Part Eight - Lighting

Lighting really sets the mood and atmosphere to an event.  From the moment you arrive at the venue the lighting should highlight features and hide unsightly areas.

As usual it depends on your budget as to what you can afford but also some other things to consider are:

  • What power does the venue have?

  • Will you need a generator? - remember you will want a silent generator.

  • Do you have a colour or theme?

  • What entertainment do you need to light?

  • Do you need different lighting for different times throughout your event?

  • Can you use natural lighting/blackout windows if needed?

  • What existing lighting is there?

  • What are the restrictions in regards to hanging lights from the venue - rigging points?

  • Is there room for freestanding lights? How is the room laid out?

  • Which areas need to be lit for safety - exits etc.

  • Venue may have lighting suppliers they know that are familiar with the venue - so ask them for recommendations.

  • Exterior lighting to light up the outside of the venue or to create atmosphere if the guests will be outside during your event.

  • Do you want use lighting as a decor element?

  • Do you want to highlight elements of your event with lighting?

  • Be careful with strobing lights.

  • Check the venue and your insurance for restrictions.

  • How long will it take to set up/take down?

There are so many different options for lighting and it does cross into other categories - decoration and entertainment.  We have listed out different options below:

  • Candles - real or battery

  • Centrepieces - for example - jars and vases with lights and flowers

  • UV lights

  • Light up letters e.g. LOVE

  • Star cloths

  • Gas flambeaux torches

  • Festoon lights

  • Fairy lights

  • LEDS

  • Lanterns

  • Chandeliers

  • Mirror balls

  • Lightbulb canopy

  • Paper lantern canopy with lights.

  • Tree Lights

  • Up lights to highlight venue features etc which can come in different colours

  • Pea light canopy (extra small lights)

  • Stairway/corridor lighting

  • Stage - lighting for speaker/entertainment

  • Dancefloor

  • Drapes

  • Par cans and pin spots to highlight and direct attention to specific areas and create drama by picking out decor elements.

  • Lighting to fill entire room (make sure it is not too bright and stark)

  • Video projections

  • Edison style lamps (large filaments)

  • Lasers

  • LED panels

  • Disco lights/panels

  • Light up signs - personalised signs or to give information

  • Gobos (stand for Go between optics - purpose made stencils that fit onto lights to project images - including logos, designs, patterns etc onto ceilings and walls)

  • Light show - design a custom show for your event.

Remember no matter what your budget there are different options, it may just need abit more planning.

See you next time when we look at decorations!