Putting on a Doo...Part Six - Food & Drink


This week is all about food and drink, so let's get stuck in!

There are lots of different options for you and your guests, here are a some questions to ask yourself which will help guide your options:

  • What is your budget?

  • How many meals do you need to cater? Lunch and evening?

  • How many guests for each meal?

  • Do you need to cater for children, food intolerances etc?

  • What are the venue restrictions?

    • Do you have to use their in-house catering?

    • Can you take your own wine for tables etc?

    • If you want a 'pop up' catering van, where can they park?

    • Do they have a bar? and what do they serve/prices?

    • Alcohol restrictions/limits?

  • How will your food fit in with your day/schedule?

  • What kind of food do you want to serve?

So, with the answers to these questions you can now look at the different options you have:

  • Go with the venue's in-house menu and bar service. Experienced venue's have a dedicated team for weddings and events and where possible will tailor a menu to suit your needs.

  • Use outside events caterers.

  • A popular alternative is the pop up mobile street food vendor, creating a more informal atmosphere. and because they concentrate on serving a specific style of food, they have honed their taste to perfection. The only downside being the limited menu options available.

  • A more personal option is to ask guests to contribute a dish to the buffet a great option for private events like weddings, birthdays etc.

There is the question about the type of food you want:

  • Sit down pre-ordered meal

  • Buffet

  • Sharing plates

  • Food stations - similar to a buffet but serving finger foods so your guests can nibble and mingle

  • Stand up eating - finger foods distributed throughout the event by staff

  • BBQ or hog roast

  • Food trucks

Then there are the drinks options:

  • Drinks on arrival

  • Wine & drinks at the table

  • In house bar

  • Portable bar/drinks trucks

  • Cocktail bartenders

  • Providing your own alcohol and drinks

Food and drink can be a massive chunk of your budget and every option has it's own pros and cons.  There is no escaping it - your guests need feeding and watering! 

However, although it sounds daunting you can always consider catering your event yourself (and/or with your guests help).  By hiring the right cutlery, crockery glasses etc to accompany your food and drinks you can make your catering look unique, special and personal.  Check out our dispensers and glasses, serving dishes, tea service and keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our children, eco/zero waste party collections for hire.

See you all next time!