Putting on a doo...Part One - Planning

Hi everyone

After a hectic few weeks we are back with our Tuesday Blog!

This week's topic is Part One of a series of blog entries I'll be doing about putting on an event - big or small and all the decisions that come along with hosting an event to be remembered.

Be it a themed BBQ just because the summer has finally arrived or formal dinner soiree, food and drink, entertainment, decoration, venue facilities, etc all should be considered within the parameters of who your guests will be, their needs and requirements, but without losing sight of what it is all about – getting good friends and family together!

Time frame is important to make sure you get everything you want done - remember this is your event and your guests are there to see and spend time with you.  It is easy to get carried away, wanting to put everything you have ever seen into on homemade craft shows on TV and sites like Pinterest into this one party - But stay focused on the reason behind the event.  Sites such as Pinterest are great sources for ideas and I am 100% guilty of getting swept up in the creativity and adding that personal touch, but be realistic about what can be done.  You can achieve the most fabulous shindig of the year without over stretching & exhausting yourself.

I just can’t help but laugh at these examples, especially remembering some of my own attempts - https://uk.pinterest.com/martneen/expectation-vs-reality/?lp=true

This week's blog is to start the ball rolling, organisation is the key and I love to be organised - filing, listing and maximising productivity – geeky I know.

The first thing to do is...yes you have guessed it...list it out:

What kind of event is it you are having? Something that is more involved like a Wedding or party that goes from day into evening with guests of various ages might mean you’ll need more emphasis on keeping your guests fed, watered and appropriate entertainment.  But a relaxed social bash in the back garden requires more fun games, music and ice cold drinks etc.

If you are lucky enough to have the help of family and friends that is great, note them down with what areas that person can help you with (food & drink/entertainment etc), they might be multi-talented so pop down everything they are good at.e.g. a glue gun expert and Mojito maker extraordinaire.  Remember - you may need more than one person on a job so you aren’t asking too much. NEVER BE AFRAID TO DELEGATE!

I love the idea of wedding guests contributing to making your day super personal instead of gifts.

Within these Ten areas we should cover everything:

Guests, Budget, Venue, Timings, Food & Drink, Entertainment, Lighting & Decorations, Recording the Day, Special Requirements, Miscellaneous.

Some areas will overlap and interlink, but we will discuss each section separately and attempt to cover every angle, make suggestions and spread the party love - if we miss something then let us know - at the end of our 'Putting on a Doo' blog series we will compile everything that we have covered into a PDF for you to download and keep as well as regular updates.

Join us next Tuesday for Putting on a Doo - Part 2