Putting on a Doo...Part Five - Timings

We decided to have a few weeks off from our blog for family time but we are back with our Tuesday instalment.

For an event to run smoothly, timings have to be right.  No one wants to be hanging around at a loose end and equally being rushed to finish your dinner is not enjoyable!

To get your timings right start by outlining the evening, below is a basic example of what your event schedule may look like (based on a wedding reception):

Arrival of Guests, Drinks on Arrival, Food, Speeches, Entertainment, Music, Cake Cutting, Games, Evening Food, DJ, Guests Leave.

As we always say every event is different but somethings are the same at any event or occasion: 

Is there a time that music etc has to be off? Factor it into your schedule, you don't want the music suddenly being switched off as Grandma gets into the macarana!

Beware of running over at your venue - can you run over? what is the hourly rate? check with the venue before and make an agreement, just in case.

Clearing up at the end - do you need to clean up at the end of the evening or can you do it the next day? If so make sure you have enough people to help out.

Late guests - what happens if guests arrive late? Make sure you have a schedule for your guests to see when they arrive.  Why not hire an easel and chalkboard to display your schedule.

Keep kids entertained - kids are great, they add the fun and joy into anything and everything, why not put a pack of things to do (colouring in, stickers, mask making etc) on their table, you could even personalise it to make them feel extra special or some toys

Don't keep people waiting - if you schedule your event correctly your guests shouldn't be waiting around, why not have drinks or nibbles circulating in between, or have some games for your guests and kids to play.

Arrival of guests - make sure you leave enough time for your guests to arrive, find their seats, say hello to other guests etc.  

Toilet breaks - keep in mind toilet breaks, you don't want everyone rushing to the loo in the middle of the speeches!

Any good venue, especially wedding venue, will have a designated events manager (or similar) to be on hand before, during and after your event.  Give them your schedule, walk them and yourself through the day/night, ask their opinion - they are experienced at holding events at their venue.  

See you next time!