Putting on a doo...Part Three - Guests

Part Three is all about your guests.  Your guests have to be considered in every aspect of your event...a happy guest is a happy host! Take a look through our list of considerations below to minimise your worry and maximise your mingling.

1) Make a thorough list of everyone you want to invite, they may not all be a able to come but you need to consider them in your planning, are children invited?

2) Timeframe - Some guests may be travelling long distance and will need to arrange transport/accommodation/time off work.  Once you have your guest list why not send out a preliminary email/message with the date/potential location. 

3) Venue Accessibility & Facilities - Will you need wheelchair/pushchair access? Are there stairs, narrow openings/doorways? Does the venue have enough toilets? including baby changing and disabled.

4) Venue Space - Will your potential venues hold your guests comfortably (standing and seated)?

5) Food & Drinks - It's not just vegetarians and children you need consider, many people have allergies or sensitivities to wheat and sugar and what about pregnant ladies.  Why not ask on your pre-invite email/message who is on a special diet.  Also think about drinks - will there be a free bar? Is it affordable for your guests? Remember they may be already paying for travel and accommodation!

6) Entertainment - Make sure you have suitable entertainment for all your guests throughout the day/night, including children's activities, games and appropriate music (volume etc).  

7) Transport - Always assume that your guests don't know the venue location and can't drive - do you need to provide transport? Is there enough parking? 

See you next time!