Putting on a Doo...Part Nine - Decorations

Decoration is a broad subject and actually most of the other areas that we have covered, lighting, entertainment etc are incorporated into this category. So, where to begin? Every aspect of your event needs to be bought together, either through a recurring theme, colour, even a feeling or season can be used to tie everything in.

As usual, your budget plays a big part as to the extent in which you can decorate your venue and the options are endless, why not start with the following:

  • Ask the venue if they provide any decoration or if they have any photos of previous events and suppliers used - this will give you a great visual guide and inspiration of what can be achieved combined with using apps such as Pinterest.

  • Plan out where entertainment, tables/seating, toilets, bar etc will be - a floor/rough plan again will help you envision where everything will be placed - remember to take it with you when you visit your venue and take plenty of photos/video as a reminder of where everything is and what it looks like.

  • Check what the limitations are with the venue in terms of practicality, what you are allowed to do and health and safety - you may want to cover up an unsightly area that is a fire exit or affix fabric swags onto the walls.

  • How much time do you have? Do you want to do DIY personal touches if you have enough time/help? Just remember DIY doesn’t always mean free!

  • Remember to ask what day/time can you get into the venue to decorate? and when everything has to be taken down by.

We have put together the following list of things to think of when choosing your decor:

  • What about incorporating the natural environment of your venue, will your event also be taking place outside/in the gardens?

  • Can you double up exterior lighting carefully placed to highlight existing/natural features?

  • Create an atmosphere by literally rolling out the red carpet and adding practical signage which is still in-keeping with your theme.

  • Cover unsightly areas/section off different parts of your event - using fabric, lighting, screens etc.

  • Bring the ceiling in with drapes, swags, bunting, balloons, hanging decor, fairy lights etc to create a more intimate and cosy atmosphere.

  • Table decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you wish from wild flowers and repurposed jars to tall candelabras and crystal vases with exotic flowers.

  • Consider using flameless candles where you have restrictions on naked flames.

  • Decoration can also be extended to dinnerware, table cloths, chair covers etc - why not co-ordinate your crockery with your chosen style - for example a vintage tea service is a visual feast for the eyes with it’s fine china detail and array of colour and style and personalise your chair covers and table cloths to add colour and that little something different.

  • Check you have day to night/child etc suitable decorations - no-one wants to be tripping over once the lights dim.

  • Don’t be constricted by limiting your theme to a single colour - consider a theme based on pastels, bold natural colours, seasons, textures and patterns, wools, rustic, opulence with golds, silvers, inspiration from travels, cities, eras and styles.

  • Hire, Buy or DIY - consider your budget and time limitations, buying items and personalising them (or not) and then re-selling them is not always the cheaper option to hiring. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and things always take longer that you expect (as well as space in your home!). Consider hiring items you can then add personalised details to - always ask your supplier if they can hire them to you for extra days in advance.

  • Consider the environment - hiring is more eco friendly, using biodegradable confetti, easily recyclable disposables etc.

We hope that we have given you lots of hints and tips to consider when planning your decorations, join us next time for the next instalment!